Buy Hodgdon Powder Online Canada. We are the largest provider of all brands for reloading.   We carry every brand offered in the United States.  Hodgdon Powder is an American ammunition powder distributor that was formed in 1966. Founded by Bruce Hodgdon, an avid reloader, WWII veteran, hunter and shooter. Hodgdon Powder started as a family business but quickly grew. While Hodgdon Powder is known for smokeless powders, it is also a popular choice for black powder substitutes using Pyrodex which makes it safer and easier to clean than traditional black powder with an additional 30% more shots per pound. Hodgdon has also licensed Winchester branded reloading powders since 2006. You can count on a wide variety of high performance, convenient propellants from Hodgdon Powder, a long time top choice for those who load ammunition.

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